October 1, 2009

broken u

how many heartbreaks does it take
till u realize its not right
when it happens do forgive and forget
or do u care and cry
how many does it take till u understand
everyone has gone through it yet we never stop
what is luv if it leaves u dead with a broken heart
is it love when u cry from them
if luv is supposed to be happy
then why are we sad
to all people who read this i hope u understand
that if this helps u will be strong in all heartbreaks
or have none at all.
this is life people luv is not good its painfull and to me its real luv and heartbreaks are no laughing matter they are everyone life they are my life if u love u will hate we dont need any more hatred that there already is luv same with heartbreaks and hatred.
broken hearts are reality wake up.