February 25, 2009

dear diary of me..

At times I feel like im someone but im not..
At times I feel as if the whole world is watching every breath I take,
every movement I make..
At times I feel lost..not knowing what to do next in life..
At times I feel dead inside, no good feelings, no emotion at all..
At times I wish I were someone else..
At times..I really try to see myself through other eyes,
but all I see is a fake a lie, im not as happy and care free as some may think..
At times I find myself thinking..

I cry for the time that you were almost mine,
I cry for the memories I have left behind,
I cry for the pain, the lost, the old the new,
I cry for the times I thought I had you..

Well.. im going to make diz blog that gives off the total truth of me..
but since im lazy to write everyday on here and i dont care that i have no friends on here or anything..
this is like a place just for me to keep my feelings..well i dont have anything to say..


  1. yeah... sometime we can't describe ourselves according to what had done.. but heart is the key of rising our faith and in the end we know we stand for what. forgot about the shadow we leave behind. not important to know,what we can do is just go ahead there a new life waiting for us...

    blogging.. agree with you.. don't care if someone don't want to read our post.. at least we throw out our feeling.. not more sympathy.. hope world's understand.. and be more patient unless we don't want get out of our problems...

  2. ♥ an ordinary gal tat owesh cant get wat she wants..but stil wil try herself 2 make it better..she kinda nope gave her heart 2 others pepol easily n get hurt afta tat..but she's cheerful n strong ~ ol she noe is GOD will neva leave her nor forsake her.. ~ ♥ CLAYNA
    ~ gudd jobs peter..